Your Size is not the Limitation for Being Active, Neither is Your Age!

“When I will lose weight, everything will change!” is the phrase I hear most often in the first True Self Weight Loss Jump start session. Thinking that only getting back into your ideal shape will bring back your life with its pleasures, hobbies, physical activities and relationships is frequent between overweight people. Here is the clue for a successful and permanent weight loss. The only life that we have is now. Now you are breathing, now you are overeating, now you are thinking dis-empowered thoughts, now you are not exercising, now you are stuck and now you are (not) loving what is. The results in your future are only the consequence of what actions you are taking NOW.

What is the most common hurdle on a weight loss journey?

The biggest resistance I find among overweight clients is starting the physical activity while having a completely sedentary lifestyle. For many this seems like a near – impossible goal. Common challenges overweight people face when they are trying to be active is discomfort or embarrassment because of not knowing:

  • what to wear
  • where and how to start
  • what kind of physical activity their body is capable of
  •  what exercising equipment to use

There is a good news. You have all the rights of this world to be concerned and to be afraid to start something is not familiar to you, but the truth is that your size is not the limitation for being active, neither is your age! The first step is always the hardest, but after that the snow ball starts rolling down the hill.

How to make the right start?

Starting with active lifestyle! Physical activity does not have to be hard or boring to be good for you and the benefits of physical activity are not restricted to exercises performed in the gym. Anything that gets you moving around — even for only a few minutes a day — is one step toward your goal. Expecting that within a week you will compensate a life of sedentary lifestyle is not realistic, but day after day, week after week you can!

At the beginning physical activities do not have to be planned, but should be creative and fun. Think about what small changes you can make in your lifestyle to make your day more physically active improving your health and write them down.

  • For example walking is great exercising. How you can increase your walking during a regular day?
  • Parking a car a little bit farther from your working place
  • Taking the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Having “walking meetings”
  • Visiting your friend instead of calling them
  • Making more window shopping
  • Doing chores like lawn mowing, leaf raking, gardening, and housework
  •  Spending more time with your dog
  • Going for a family walk after dinner

You don’t need to become an athlete to gain the health benefits of physical activity! All you need to do is start moving. So take baby steps, and keep in mind that every little bit helps. It’s important to find activities that add joy and fun to your daily life. I mentioned walking, but there are many activities that are fun and perfect to begin to exercise when you might have some physical limitations. Stay tuned, I will evolve this topic in the next Blog!

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