Privacy Policy

Hereinafter contained Privacy Policy specifies how (hereinafter referred to as “Website”) is intended to gather, apply, and store data, as well as in which cases it may disclose data given by the users (hereinafter referred to as “Users”). The mentioned Privacy Policy is applicable to all the sections of this website and all the content available on it.

Personal Identification Data

There are a number of methods which we use to gather personal identification data from the users. They are as follows: website navigation, registration on the website, newsletter subscription, order placement on the website, and other methods related to the use of our products and services by the users. The users have the right to use this website on an anonymous basis. If the users provide name, email address or any other personal data, they do this only on own suppositions.

Non-Personal Identification Data

Any interaction with this website may result in the collection of non-personal data, such as computer type, browser type, operating system type, Internet services provider of the user, and the like.


For the purpose of website improvement, we use cookies. The hard drive of the user’s computer is a storage place for cookies. At the same time, for the users, it is not obligatory to store cookies. However, the refusal to accept cookies leads to setting some limitations on the use of website services.

Why We Gather Data

The purposes for which the data collection is possible are stated below:

  • Ensure positive customer experience. The user data gives us an opportunity to develop a successful customer experience strategy to fully comply with the customers’ demands.
  • Analyze statistics. The use of customer data helps us collect statistics which is valuable for the improvement of our services.
  • Develop new services. We try to find out which our products and services are in strong demand among the users and which services have to be developed to increase website traffic.
  • Complete orders. When the users place the orders on our website, we need some personal data to make the order completion possible. We may divulge some user data if the order completion requires this.
  • Distribute information. The user data may be needed to render the subscription service to the customers to make the latest website updates accessible to them.
  • Enhance user communication. The use of personal data is possible to ensure prompt reaction to all the customers’ requests and questions.

Data Safety

We gather, keep, and process data by applying the most innovative information safety technologies. This allows us to prevent any attempts of the lawbreakers to steal, use or destruct the users’ personal data available on this website.

When Personal Data May Be Shared

Third parties do not have an access to the personal identification data of our users. But non-personal demographic data in regards to our visitors and users may be shared for the above-specified reasons.

Third Party Websites

This website contains the links to the third party websites. The information available on these websites belongs to our licensors, partners, sponsors, advertisers, suppliers, among the others. The information which our users can find on the third party websites is not under our control. Therefore, we do not incur liability for this content. The information on these websites is subject to constant amendments. Furthermore, the third party websites are applicable to own privacy policies.


The advertising partners of this website publish their advertisements on the website. These partners use own cookies. In such a way, non-personal identification data of our users may become accessible to the advertisers. This Privacy Policy does not regulate anything with regards to cookies used by the advertising partners.

Amendments to Privacy Policy

We can make any alterations to the statements of this Privacy Policy in our absolute discretion. That is why we ask the users to monitor possible amendments to this Privacy Policy on an on-going basis. Only the users incur liability for their ignorance of these amendments.

Privacy Policy Acceptance

If the users use any content and materials related to this website, they explicitly agree to this Privacy Policy. But in case the users do not give their consent to adhere to the Privacy Policy, they have to immediately stop using this website.

Contact Us

Additional information with regard to this Privacy Policy and the website activities is provided to the users on request. It is possible to send request through this website or by email.