Detox your mind, not only your body!

Today I realized that because I was neglecting messages that my body was sending  me for too long, I am now lying in bed with influenza viruses in most cells of my respiratory tract. My body that is unconditionally serving me to do the things I love and I am passionate about was sending me signals of discomfort for months that I simply despised. Like a child my body started to scream for attention and finally the flue knocked me down.

I’ve promised myself that I will walk as I talk and to show gratitude to every cell of my body I will do a Detox week.

Detox is not only removal of toxic substances from our body, but it is also a cleanse of our mind and connection with our soul with the ultimate goal  returning to homeostasis, where self healing processes are most powerful.

Detox allow the body to get rid of toxins from our daily diet, balancing and nourishing it. Physical symptoms like Intestinal irritation, body odor and bad breath after detox diminish, energy levels rise and anxiety decrease. As detox covers different realms of our life, it has also a big impact on our stress levels and experience of joy.

What is important to know before you start a detox week?

When you start a detox process is advised to have some more »me time« and stressful tasks or situations should be avoided. To make  possible new clothes enter in the wardrobe  first you need to clear the space from old ones. Quite similar is with our body. In order to allow new energies, vibrations and health ENTER within us we first need to ELIMINATE everything that is not serving us anymore: habits, relationships, food, thoughts, possessions, positions,…

Sleep is an important part of detox process. Sleep is in other terms a healthy digestion of our daily life experiences, where we eliminate everything that is not nourishing. Sleep disturbance is a clear sign that we are carrying  some emotional burdens with us that is time to release. Journaling before bed can help you release thoughts that are occupying your mind in vain. When you let go of your toxic thoughts you start making the space for new more empowered ones to enter in, recreating the natural flow that is essential for  balance in nature.

We forget that our body has all the answers if we only listen to them.

In the next Blog I will describe how to do a detox in a step by step process in order to cleanse your body and mind as you deserve. See you around!

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