Your Walk, Your Workout

Walking is one of the very best ways to ease into the exercise routine. As I mentioned in previous Blog post, the best way to start being active is to moderate your lifestyle activities, especially increasing your walking during the day. This type of exercise is ideal for the start, because is already a part of everyday

Detox your mind, not only your body!

Today I realized that because I was neglecting messages that my body was sending  me for too long, I am now lying in bed with influenza viruses in most cells of my respiratory tract. My body that is unconditionally serving me to do the things I love and I am passionate about was sending me signals of discomfort for months that

Most Common Health Risks of Obesity

There’s a reason why you see obesity in the news a lot: it’s a serious public health risk. That’s because obesity has been shown to lead to all kinds of different health problems. On a nation-wide level, obesity drives up healthcare costs and causes reduced productivity, which affects the economy. That’s important, but let’s zoom

3 Greatest Weight Loss Secrets

Losing weight isn’t easy, but it is definitely possible. It requires commitment, discipline and effort. In addition to doing the work, there are a few weight loss secrets that could actually help you and making losing weight easier. So, if you are trying to lose weight and are looking for some effective strategies, read on

Meditation As A Great Means of Losing Weight

Meditation had been traditionally associated with spirituality. However, after the educational and technological evolution of 21st century explored other areas of life which can benefit from mediation and the one that came on top in this regard was health. Meditation in different forms has become a common practice for betterment of health. Moreover, to make