Top Anti-Obesity Drugs with Proven Efficacy: What to Consider 

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Supplements vs Prescribed Drugs

Advertisements of the miracle-working anti-obesity supplements have dinned everyone’s ears already. The manufacturers exaggerate the effects of their products, claiming that the over-the-counter weight-loss pills melt excessive weight almost in the twinkling of an eye. Well, it’s quite reasonable to feel suspicious about such pills because many of them lack scientific evidence. On the contrary, the prescription drugs are backed by the plausible results of the clinical trials. Moreover, the reliable weight-loss medications are FDA-approved. It means that they can be considered safe for intake.

One of the latest studies has compared the most popular FDA-approved anti-obesity drugs. The scientists have analyzed the data got during 28 studies which involved about 30,000 people with excessive weight. Indeed, the overall number of participants is quite impressive. Finally, the scientists came to the conclusion that the one-year intake of each of the medications contributes to approximate 5% drop in weight. So, it’s obvious that the efficacy of these medications is very similar. Let’s look through the list of the top weight-loss drugs and consider what to expect during their intake.

Most Promising Weight-Loss Medications

The list of the best-working weight-loss medications includes:


This medication belongs to the group of lipase inhibitors. The drug impedes fat absorption by the gastrointestinal tract. Consequently, this mechanism of action leads to the weight loss. The drug is known on the market as Alli. This name is used to sell Orlistat as a non-prescription drug.

As the practice shows, this medication is the most suitable for overweight people who have to decrease their weight by 10%, no more. In addition, and most importantly, patients with cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, and diabetes don’t take risk when taking this drug.

The intake of Orlistat may result in the occurrence of some very unpleasant adverse effects. The possibility of adverse effects grows if the person consumes much food rich in fats. Bowel urgency, diarrhea, oily evacuation, nausea, and stomach pain belong to the most common adverse effects.


This prescription medication consists of Naltrexone and Bupropion. In their turn, these two powerful medications are needed to ensure each other’s weight-loss action. Naltrexone is a medication that can bring to naught the opioids’ effects. Bupropion is a well-known antidepressant that suppresses appetite. However, it also enhances activity of some opioids that don’t allow people feel satiated. Therefore, these medications perfectly work together, complementing each other. As a result, the overweight person can stop food cravings and start losing weight.

Oral administration of this medication can be recommended only for obese people with BMI of 30 and greater. In addition, patients with BMI of 27 and greater can also take the drug if they suffer from coexisting conditions such as diabetes and hypertension.

Very frequently, people who take Contrave experience nausea. Actually, it’s one more reason explaining why the drug intake promotes weight loss. Indeed, nobody wants to eat when suffering from nausea. By the way, many patients refuse to take this medication because of such an adverse effect. Moreover, the treatment can lead to drug-induced suicidal ideation, especially in young people.


According to, the consumers can find this anti-obesity drug under the name of Belviq. The medication has a direct impact on serotonin receptors. It means that the drug accelerates the process of satiation. It’s easy to enhance the medication effects when combining the pharmacological therapy with a well-balanced diet and workouts. Thus, in this case, it will take 3 months to see the desired changes in the body weight.

Though Lorcaserin is associated with Fenfluramine which is forbidden for the ability to provoke cardiovascular diseases, it’s safe for cardiovascular system. Furthermore, it’s a great option for the overweight people who don’t want to experience rapid heart palpitation and jitteriness.

Faintness, tiredness, and headache may accompany the medication intake. In addition, the weight-loss effects are possible only during the drug intake. As soon as the patient ceases to use this drug, the lost weight can be regained.


This prescription drug contains Phentermine and Topiramate which can’t promote weight loss separately. Phentermine is developed to reduce hunger, while Topiramate is aimed at giving a feeling of rapid and long-lasting satiation. Therefore, the medication intake helps people with excessive weight cut calorie intake and get rid of extra pounds.

The drug is intended for obese people with BMI of 30 or greater who failed to get slimmer in other ways and constantly suffer from food cravings. But if the patients also have diabetes or high cholesterol levels which are caused by obesity, the oral drug administration is permitted even with BMI of 27 and greater. Moreover, the study has indicated that the one-year Qsymia intake enables people to lose almost 20 pounds.

The most frequently-occurring adverse drug reactions include nervous excitation, drowsiness, and confused mental state. In addition, the medication is contraindicated for pregnant women and women who are planning to get pregnant since the risk of birth defects is high.


This anti-obesity medication was created for curing diabetes. However, when the scientists tested the new medication, they have suddenly found out that the study participants reported the decrease in the body weight. As a result, the injectable weight-loss prescription drug called Saxenda was invented. The principle of its action resembles the principle of action of the drugs that boost energy expenditure. Thus, the drug stimulates insulin release. Therefore, it affects glucose levels. In addition, the medication slows down the gastric emptying mechanism, hence suppressing appetite. As a result, people eat less and start losing unwanted pounds.

The medication is indicated for treatment of obesity in the patients with BMI of 30 and greater who couldn’t manage to overcome obesity using the other weight-loss methods.

Obesity treatment with the help of injections is not suitable for everyone. In fact, not all people can tolerate this medicine because of the necessity to make injections. Many people are afraid of injections. In addition, the medication will cost you a pretty penny. Moreover, for those who undergo such treatment, there is a risk of dangerous adverse effect; that is, pancreatitis.

As you can see, all the anti-obesity drugs, even the top-rated ones from the most reliable manufacturers, have own disadvantages in the form of adverse effects. That’s why you should be aware of the peculiarities of these weight-loss prescription drugs and know what to expect if you are going to fight excessive weight with their help. Only in such a way, you can get the desired results without causing harm to your health.

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